About us

Cheap Pet Food Site originally started from a need to feed my cats and the fact that cat food prices were just constantly going rising, sometimes I'd notice that the prices of multi-packs would stay the same but the amount of cat food in the box would be reduced. I first noticed this with the Felix As Good As It Looks Cat Food, the big boxes in Tesco, ASDA etc were 48 pouches then dropped to 44 but more recently they are now only 40!

My cats didn't eat less but now I was getting less for the money than I did previously, so I started Cheap Pet Food site, at first was just focused on cat food as that was my need and seeing as I had some space on my server created the site but it wasn't long before I expanded it to dog food, fish food and generally anything pet related.

Here at Cheap Pet Food we are always trying to improve our website and the partners we deal with so that we can bring you the cheapest pet food prices out there, so if you find our site helpful please tell your friends, give us a quick share on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform it all helps. If you have a gripe, suggestion or just fancy a chat then please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to hear from other pet lovers.